Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As I sit here writing this report on my recent trip into Nicaragua I am not sure how to even begin. I guess the best way is to simply say - I am blown away with what God did there. Now 9 of us went on the trip with 3 of us arriving a day earlier in Managua than the rest. As the 3 of us sat down for dinner that first night– the Holy Spirit began to move. We began to witness to our waitress and before we knew it, all the waitresses in the place were coming to our table for prayer. They told us that they felt the Holy Spirit drawing them and before long those who were not saved had come to Jesus. The next day the others caught up to us and we all traveled to the town we ministered in..

When we arrived we threw our bags into our hotel rooms and headed straight to a crusade in the middle of town. The local ministry we work with had set up a stage on an outdoor basketball court and as we watched– they marched in behind a fire truck with its sirens going — with a band playing, people waving flags, dancing and fireworks going off. Then as the band played praise and worship music — over 2000 people gathered to hear the Gospel. It was incredible!

Praying for people at our first crusade -- over 2000 were there that night

I preached about blind Bartimaeus and when I gave an altar call for prayer hundreds came forward. Our team prayed for them for hours and God did so much. People were saved, delivered and healed— a cripple man with a cane came forward and we prayed for him. I took his cane and threw it on the stage and he began to jump up and down and dance. Thank you Jesus!

This man could hardly walk - he was healed at the crusade --- he is dancing with his cane held up!

The next few days were a blur. We ministered from early morning to late night. We went to a school for underprivileged children where we ministered to over 100 beautiful kids in tattered clothes — we gave them candy and toys — many of these kids had never had a real toy before. Then we ministered to several battered and abused women. Carrie brought a powerful word to them and as we prayed for them they cried as they were flooded with the peace of Jesus.

Praising Jesus with the children at the school

One morning we went to the local police station and jail. The police captain gathered all the police officers into one room to hear us speak. I thought to myself as we presented the Gospel to a room full of police men and women— if only we could do this back at home. Now this town has a great problem with gangs and drugs and I told them that the power of the Holy Spirit was so much more powerful than their guns. I told them if they walked in that power and prayed for the gang members and led them to Jesus— the whole town would change. Then as we prayed for them the Holy Spirit touched them and I saw tears running down their cheeks.

Preaching the Gospel to the local police!

From there we went to the local jail where our hearts were broke. Men and women were kept in what we would call here a kennel– cages. Clark gave a word to the men prisoners and they all pressed their faces against the bars of their cages listening intently. We laid our hands on them through the bars and prayed for them.

The women witnessed to the women prisoners it touched me as I watched — the four of them pressed against the bars on one side and the women prisoners pressed against the bars on the other as they prayed together. By the time we left 38 had come to Christ. One man told me that he was there for 6 years but that now he had peace and that he would tell everyone that came there about Jesus. Then - by the grace of God– the guards allowed us to leave a Proclaimer there– the spoken Bible in their language - and promised to play it daily for them. Praise the Lord!

The Proclaimer -- playing the Word of God at the local jail.

We went to the local hospital—again our hearts were broken. The conditions compared to our hospitals were terrible. We prayed for so many — adults, children and babies. One young girl was burning with fever—as we prayed it left her. Another young girl was crying in pain— she had been that way for days– but as we prayed peace came over and she began to smile and laugh. Another boy was suffering from diabetes and they could not get his blood sugar under control—he was near death but after prayer he was sitting up in his bed and speaking clearly. The baby ward was horrible– but we went bed to bed and prayed for the babies and the mothers. As I looked at their faces I could see a great peace come over them. Thank you Jesus—the same yesterday, today and forever!

Praying for babies at the local hospital

One day we headed to an outdoor soccer court where gang members hang out. Many were there that day. Some were playing soccer, some were sniffing glue and some were doing both at the same time. We sat along the side of the court and began to witness to them. The leader of the gang—a young man who was as hard as nails came over to us and sat beside us. We were wary to begin with but as we began to speak to him we realized the Holy Spirit had drawn him to us—he had tears running down both cheeks as we told him abut Jesus. Pastor Oscar told us that the boy had killed many people and that he had never acted this way before. Oh sweet Jesus!

Pastors wife in a village being filled with the Holy Ghost!

We had 3 more crusades and at each one of them people were saved and delivered. One was in a church in a very dark area — full of drug gangs. I preached the Gospel and the power of God fell in a way I have never seen before. Now I really don’t know how to describe it in words — and I certainly could never give what happened justice. But the Holy Spirit began to move among the crowd and people began to be delivered of demons without us even touching them. Many going into convulsions, spitting up and screaming as the demons came out of them. It was incredible! So many were delivered, healed and saved that night.

Woman being delivered from demons at one of the crusades

And then on our last day there was the school for disabled children.

It was a government school for the disabled. We walked into a classroom full of children and once again—our hearts broke. As I looked at them I felt the Lord tell me to pray for the deaf and the blind so I asked them to bring the deaf first. Their were two of them — totally deaf. The first was a young boy. We gathered around him and prayed. After a couple of prayers he began to motion that he could hear from one ear. Then we prayed again and he could hear us clapping from behind him. Then they brought a young deaf girl to us and the same thing— several prayers later she could hear clearly.

Then I asked for the blind — there were two completely blind girls there. We begin to pray for the first one and after one prayer she said she could see light—I asked her to show it to me and she pointed straight at it in the ceiling. We prayed again. I began to move my arm around in front of her and she shot her hand out and grabbed it— we all shouted with joy!

Praying for the 1st blind girl at the school

The Second Finger

The other blind one was a beautiful girl of about 6 years old who had been sitting at a desk with her eyes closed, head down and scared. I told her we were going to pray for her and not to be afraid—that Jesus was going to heal her eyes. We begin to pray for her and her mother stood and watched us. Corina told the mother to help us pray and to have faith—so she began to pray too.

After some time Corina told the child to do what the man was doing in front of her. Now I was moving my hand around and she opened her eyes and looked at me. She began to move her hand too. Then I held up two fingers. She looked down at her hand. She began to move her fingers around—amazed at seeing them for the first time ever. She closed her hand and put one finger out and our hearts jumped.

Praying for the little blind girl -- she was blind since birth

Then slowly she put the second one and as she did — the room erupted! We were all crying and laughing and shouting at the same time. We fell to our knees and began to praise Jesus! Her mother took her hand and left to take her home but the girl let go of her hand and began to walk on her own in front of her—she no longer needed any help–and she couldn’t wait to see what the world looked like outside!

After Jesus heals her eyes she looks at Frank clearly - we are all rejoicing because of the miracle

Luke 4:18-21 18 "The Spirit of the Lord is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed; 19 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord." —21 And He began to say to them, ——— "Today this Scripture is fulfilled."


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