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Going to the lost to bring them to Jesus


 WOW! Just got back from a 14-day trip to the Ukraine with my husband Jay Newsom.  What an amazing trip. God moved in a mighty way - we saw many salvations and miracles. We met and ministered to some very special people, some who were even held captive by the Germans during WWII and many who lived behind the Iron Curtain. Now the Ukrainian people have lived under oppression for over 100 years. They were occupied by the Germans in WWII and were ruled over by the Russians until 1990.  Russian Orthodoxy – directed out of Moscow - is the main religion in the Ukraine, but the majority of the population knows nothing about a true relationship with Jesus or the Holy Spirit.

Statues of Lenin still stand in the town squares

 Saints -- it is impossible to tell you all that happened on this trip because the Lord did so much, but here are a few highlights. 

We started our ministry in Odessa on the Black Sea and our time there was wonderful. Our 1st stop was the farm of Alisa’s father. Alisa was one of our interpreters and part of the ministry we worked with. Her father was very bitter because of the years of oppression he had been through and he wanted nothing to do with Jesus. We shared the Gospel with him and the other workers on the farm. God gave Jay a word of knowledge for her father about pain he had in his body and when we prayed for him he was instantly healed. Then the Holy Ghost touched him and he asked Christ into his heart. Now Alisa told us that she had been witnessing to him for years with no success – but after one touch of the Holy Spirit – we saw tears rolling down his cheeks and years of bitterness melt away. As we left he and the others were inviting us back to share more!

Alisa's father in the orange came to Jesus after years of wanting nothing to do with Him


 Next we ministered in a village where I met a great woman of God named Lina. She has turned her home into a refuge center for children. She currently houses 6 teenage girls whose only option to survive after being turned out of an orphanage at the age of 15 was turning to prostitution and living on the streets. She also has 3 younger children. Max - (who is 9) - his mother died of a drug overdose and his father committed suicide after beating him so badly that they had to put a metal plate in his head. Vali (7) and his sister Masha (4) also live in the home. Their parents went missing one day and no one knows what happened to them - if they are dead or alive. The 1st thing Masha asked Jay when she met him was “are you my papa?”  


Masha-- "Are you my Papa?"


Vali -- found in a house alone with his 4 year old sister -- no one knows if their parents are dead or alive

We were able to minister to these children, pray with them and provided food and money to help meet some of their many needs. Also while in Odessa we went home-to-home in the surrounding villages preaching the Gospel. We saw salvations, deaf ears opened, 1 man delivered from alcohol and many more healings.  Glory to God! As soon as we left the area we began to get phone calls asking when we could come back. God was moving in this village and the people were excited and wanted more! 


Praying for the sick in the villages -- the Lord did so many miracles!

After leaving Odessa we traveled to the region of Kamyanets-Podilskyi where we ministered with a local Pastor. Jay preached 2 evenings in his church. The 1st night on the Holy Ghost where many received the Baptism and the 2nd night on healing. As Jay preached the Word the Holy Spirit moved through the crowd and many were healed - over 25 people came forward and gave God glory for their healing. People were healed of all kinds of things back and knee pain, shoulder pain, headaches, sinus problems one young man partially blind received his sight back, another young girl said the black cloud lifted and she was full of joy!  


Above: Healing crusades in the local churches

Below: Over 25 people came forward to give testimony of being healed!



After the service a man came to us with his 4-year-old daughter who had problems with her spine - she could not stand or walk.  We prayed with her. The next morning her father called and said she had a vision of Jesus after we prayed for her and that morning she stood on her own and took her first steps.  Praise the Lord!!!  He still heals!!! Jesus is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. 


There was another young man who attended the service whose mother had been diagnosed with brain cancer 3 months earlier.  He had faith that she could be healed but the doctors told him he was crazy - that it was impossible for her to improve – she was dying. He asked us to come to her home and pray for her. As we walked in, we found the woman on her deathbed, unconscious and moaning and groaning with pain – she did not even know we were there.  We prayed 3 times for her and then left with no visible change.  Within an hour she was coherent and had called her son on the phone and spoke with him. The next day he called and said she was up washing dishes! What a mighty God we serve. Thank you Jesus!!! 


Psalms 103 1:3 Bless the Lord, O my soul; and all that is within me.  Bless His holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul, and forget not all His benefits: Who forgives all your iniquities, Who heals all your diseases.


Preaching in village homes 


Over the next days we went home to home in the villages of the area. We visited many homes and ministered to many but one family really touched our hearts.  As Jay was presenting the Gospel to the family he told them the story of Nicodemus – he said: “Church does not save you – you must be born again to be saved.” The mother started crying - she told us that she had attended the Orthodox Church on a regular basis- but the Words we were speaking she had never heard before – 

But she knew they were true because she could feel them.

Then whole family bowed their heads and repented of their sins and accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior!  They were filled with joy and peace and wanted us to tell them more – we stayed for some time and did just that.   


The whole family repented and came to Christ -- they are so full of joy!


Now before we left Alisa said the most interesting thing that struck us in the heart.

  She said: “This Jesus you are preaching is One they have never heard of before.”

And as we heard those words we knew why the Lord had sent us there and why we would be back.


Praise the Living God!

 The Way – The Truth – The Life – This Jesus!


Dear Partners and friends,

What an incredibly busy and fruitful year this has been! In just over 4 months we have already traveled to 3 continents bringing the Gospel to the un-reached in 3 different countries. Many have come to Christ, we have seen great miracles of God, churches have been planted, and so many lives have been changed! 

And so far this year we have also been able to support orphans, widows and the mentally handicapped in the countries we visited. We have reconstructed one church that was damaged by fierce winds in Kenya, purchased cows and goats for the pastors we work with, sent monthly support to pastors throughout the world, as well as supported other ministries both here and abroad. 

We have held teaching seminars and healing crusade both abroad and here at home. And when we are not abroad — we preach in local churches here in America and teach on a weekly basis at our C-2 Bible studies here in Dallas.  

And Friends — we could not have done any of this 

without your faithful support!

Thank you, Thank you! —– for your faithfulness to help us fulfill the vision the Lord has given us:   

Going to the Lost to Bring them to Jesus!

Now as we look to the next few months we are planning several more trips into un-reached territories—Africa, Nepal, South America, and back to the Ukraine. 

So friends, once again I ask for your help and continued support. You are making a difference in the eternity of so many! And if you have never partnered with us I ask that you prayerfully consider doing so —

Hope of the World is good ground to sow your seed into.  

Hope of the World operates solely on the giving of it’s faithful partners and we use every dollar given to the best of our ability to move His Kingdom forward.

Thank you in advance for your prayers and support—they mean so much to us!

 Remember: Our Crowns are your Crowns

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