Praise the Lord! God is good! Jay and I- (Mary) - have just returned from an amazing trip to Kenya where we once again worked with the Masai Tribe.  First I would like to thank everyone who supports this ministry both with finances and prayers. You made this trip possible!  I would also like to thank everyone who sacrificially gave so we could build new church buildings in Masai land. We were praying and asking God to provide enough money to build 1 church deep in the bush but God provided enough money to build 2 churches-- a double portion!  Praise the Lord!! One small church off the main road in the town of Isinet and one large church deep deep in the bush.

The Bible tells us in the book of Acts:18:23- "Paul set out from there and traveled from place to place throughout the region of Galatia and Phrygia, strengthening all the disciples." Acts:15:41--"He went through Syria and Cilicia, strengthening the churches."

Now this is exactly what we did on this trip. We went out into areas we have planted churches in on past trips and preached and taught in seminars to strengthen and encourage the people. And God did so much! In all the churches we went to we were able to praise,  preach, teach, pray and encourage the saints!
 But in this report I really want to focus on the new church we built deep in the bush and all God did there. It was literally a 3 hour drive every day (each way)  through the wildest regions of the Masai lands --  no roads only dirt, rocks, bushes and wild animals--everyday we saw Zebras, Wildebeests, Antelopes, Ostriches and my favorite -- Giraffes. Friends this was not the zoo, not the game park-- this is where the Masai live and where we work. 
But God is faithful --and every day upon our arrival at the church there were at least 100 people and 60 to 70 school children waiting for us to come and preach, teach and disciple them. We also had many people from the nearby villages come who were not saved --most had never  heard the Name of Jesus before. Now we spent three days in this area and God moved in a mighty way! We saw great moves of the Holy Ghost- people falling to their knees giving their lives to Christ, worshiping, weeping, being filled with the Holy Ghost and being healed from all kinds of illnesses and addictions.
It was awesome! God is so faithful!
This church was planted 5 years ago when Jay and Dub were there and preached under a tree to about 10 people!  It has now grown to over 100 people. What a blessing it was for Jay to see the fruit of his past trips! And not only is it being used as a church it is also being used as a school for the young Masai children who are not able to walk through the bush (because of the distance and the wild animals) to the government provided school.  There are 2 dedicated teachers there and about 65 to 70 children already attending the school.
We are also using the church building for adult education. Now we were able to teach on the importance of educating the children -most of these kids never learn how to read or write -- they are put in the bush to tend the goats at an early age. And we taught on the very serious subject of female circumcision. Saints, the Masai people still circumcise the young girls and then marry them off before they even reach 15 years of age. So many of them die or are unable to have children after this cultural demonic practice is done. We told them --"no matter what your ancient customs say to do -- these young girls have rights too-- Jesus does not want this to happen to them!" This is why it is so important that we build churches, preach the Good News of Jesus Christ and continue to disciple and educate these wonderful people.
Friends, I really can’t even begin to put into words how much I love going on these trips and meeting so many wonderful people all over the world.  I go hoping to be a blessing but every time go -- I end up being the one blessed.  And this trip was no different! On our last day of ministry we went into the villages. In one of them there was a lady who was blind in one eye - but that’s not what she wanted prayer for. She asked for prayer for her husband who was an alcoholic. She asked us to come and pray in the main room of her house. She said she wanted the anointing in that room so when her husband walked in drunk-- the Holy Ghost would hit him and he would be saved. Wow --what faith! This was not like any house you or I know- it was a metal structure of 2 rooms. Upon entering the main room she apologized to us for the lack of furniture -(the room was completely empty) - saying they could not afford anything because her husband spent all their money on alcohol. So we prayed believing God that when her husband came home the Holy Ghost would hit him so hard he would be saved.
Then we went back outside and asked her if we could pray for her blind eye and she said yes. After 2 prayers- her vision was restored completely!! She started mimicking everything we did with our hands waving them up in the air then Praising the Lord! What a God!  What compassion He has for us --- He loves us more than we can ever know! 
Now I just want to thank Jesus and give Him glory for all He is and all that He does. And I want to thank Him for allowing me to go on these trips-- what a blessing it is to me and Jay to be used by Him in these far away lands!
More photos of the trip below!
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