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Going to the lost to bring them to Jesus
Our transportation - a little rough on the back!
Mary and I just returned from our mission trip into Nicaragua where we partnered with Frank Deleo of Home Plate Ministries and 7 other saints of God to do a variety of ministries in the town of Somoto — and what a great trip it was!
By the grace of God we were able to:
  •  Minister in the local jails and hospital
  •  Travel to the villages of the area preaching the Gospel
  •   Preached in local churches
  •   Minister in a battered women’s shelter
  •   Minister in schools for under privileged children
  •   Preach on the local T.V. and Radio stations to an audience of 30000
  •   Hold a 2 day seminar on the truths of the Holy Spirit with pastors and    church leaders
  •   Preach in evening crusades
And everywhere we went the Lord did great things! We saw people come to Christ and get filled with the Holy Spirit, many were healed physically — in one crusade a woman deaf in one ear was healed. 
Crusades in the middle of town- the man below was so happy to be filled by the Holy Spirit!
In the local jail many of the inmates came to Jesus and as our team left the despair in their hearts was replaced with hope. In one church service the entire congregation walked through our prayer line and as we prayed for them — they were healed and delivered — one lady fell down full of demons— but when she got up she was full of peace.
Going through the prayer line!
 In the seminars many were filled with the Holy Spirit.  The girls at the school all received new dresses that were made and donated by some dear saints. 
New dresses for everyone!
At the battered women’s shelter the testimony of one of our team members filled them with peace and hope. And in one village where the people gathered to hear us speak — all of them prayed to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and they were all filled at the same time — it was incredible!
They were all filled!
And as we headed home we all knew that we had the privilege of seeing the Glory of the Lord manifested in Nicaragua—
Preaching on the local T.V. Station-- prime time in Somoto!
Thank you Jesus!
 Thank you for your prayers and support—they mean so much to us!
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