Jan 2014

January 2014

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Preaching the Gospel under a tree at one of our meetings
Dear Partners and Friends -- Our first trip of 2014 was incredible! My wife Mary and I -- just returned from Kenya at the base of Mt. Kilimanjaro where  by the grace of God we ministered the truths of Jesus Christ to several hundred of the Masai Tribe in the deep bush. Our good friends Jerry and Dianne Mobley partnered with us on this trip -- their first trip to Africa! Now I have been going to the Masai since 2004 and over that time we have seen over 50 churches planted in the deep bush. Our goal on this trip was to disciple and strengthen some of those churches - as Paul did on some of his missionary journeys. And boy did the Lord open the door for us to do just that! Each day we traveled for hours to different "bush churches"-- the people meeting under the trees. And as we drove up to each one of them we found hundreds of Masai waiting for us. My heart jumped with joy as I saw them -- I truly love the Masai people! 
And what a blessing to see how the churches had grown -- the fruits of past trips.
We all worked as a team in each meeting. Everyone had a part -- we started by singing together - and friends,  no one -- I mean no one sings like the Masai. Next, some of the local pastors we work with spoke and then we split the people into two groups -- men and women. The overseer of the area Pastor Yohanna ministered to the men while Mary, Dianne and Pastor Yohanna's wife ministered to the women. We taught them the basic principles of Christian living -- unity, holiness, relationship with Jesus, and His faithfulness to them
Then they all came together and Jerry and I ministered the Gospel to them.
There were many there who had come from far away and knew nothing about Jesus.
He died for you and rose again-- He is alive!
So many were touched --they fell to their knees weeping -- giving their lives to Christ!
Giving their lives to Jesus-- filled with the Holy Ghost!
Each meeting was the same -- the people were encouraged, the church was strengthened and people came to Jesus. And I saw something unusual on this trip that I have rarely seen before. So many men were at our meetings. The men are the ones who usually stay away -- they are proud and want nothing to do with religion. But in one meeting - men showed up from 15 different villages in the area and all of them gave their lives to Christ! The Holy Spirit had drawn them there and when they went back to their villages- guess what? They took Jesus with them! And to top it off everywhere we went-- many of the young warriors -- the Moran -- showed up and gave their lives to Christ.
Now we know when we reach the Moran -- we reach the culture. Thank you Jesus!
Jerry and me with the Moran Warriors -- many gave their lives to Christ!
Men from 15 different villages coming to Christ -- Praise the Lord!
Comments from the rest of the team:
Mary and Dianne teaching the women -- You have a hope in Him!
Back to Masai Land! Well it has been almost 3 years since my last trip to the Masai. I love them so much! I was privileged to speak into the women on this trip- not that I felt qualified for such a task - ministering to such incredible women who are so different than us -- yet in many ways the same. 
Masai Women -- they lead a hard life
The Masai women have a very different life than American women.  Their day consists of doing whatever it takes to get a days water supply for the family -- walking miles to retrieve a 5 gallon jug that they lug home on their heads and backs. Then taking care of their many children, a husband, washing the clothes by hand, cooking on an open fire, living in mud huts - built by them - and taking care of the goats.
A very different day than ours.
They have been taught their whole life that when they are dead they are just dead -- there is no after-life.
 A very different day indeed -- a day without hope.
But by the grace of God, we were able to bring them good news!
We were able to tell them of a Savior who came to save them from their sins. To offer them a better life both here on this earth and in eternity. Yes eternity -- there is life after death-- Hallelujah! We told them about One who would never leave them or forsake them.One who would always love them and provide for them. One who makes a way when there seems to be no way. And we told them howHe wanted them to live.  
And when we left -- their hearts had changed, their village had changed -- their day had changed.
A day now filled with hope -- the Hope of Jesus!
WOW!  What an incredible trip.  Every day was blessed in one way or another.  The weather was perfect.  Our small hotel in the little town we stayed in was a new one, owned by a Christian couple, with a Christian staff that were great.  Our driver and van was excellent going at least three hours, sometimes much more, into the bush every day.  It is amazing that those vehicles survive considering the beating they take on non-existent roads in the bush We did break down once however - the pin that holds the wheel to the ball joint sheared off - deep in the bush.
But the driver tied it together with a rope and it made it 140 kilometers out of lion and elephant country safely. 
Incredible! --- and Grace of God!
 Wheel tied on with a rope -- made it 140 kilometers across the bush this way!
Every day people walked for miles to each meeting we had under a tree.  Sometimes there would be more than a hundred Masai from the surrounding bomas- (villages), coming to hear the Gospel of Jesus from the missionary from America.  Many came to Christ, even some Moran, the young men who care for the cattle and protect the bomas from lions, elephants and whatever else threatens themThese men, according to Jay, are fearless and usually stand at a distance from the church services under the trees.  This time they came and listened to the Gospel being preached, and some were saved.  Hallelujah!  Dianne (Diana to them) and Mary had the opportunity to speak to the women of the villages. These women have very hard lives living in small mud huts without electricity or water.  Many walk for miles every day to get water with a baby on their back and a five gallon bucket on their head. 
Jerry preaching the Gospel in one of the villages - He said: "there is one body, one Spirit, one Hope-One Lord
Africa was not on my “bucket list”.   Never would I have dreamed of traveling 36 hours to get to an area that required trekking into the bush for hours each day, wild animals lurking about, and working with a people who are very different from everyone I had ever met.  But God had other plans.  When Jay and Mary asked us to accompany them to Kenya we felt God say “GO”.
And sure enough – God was with us every step of the way!    
  Women coming to Jesus!
We had the privilege and honor to work with Jay’s long-time contact there – Pastor Yohanna and his beautiful wife, Mama Mary.
I was especially touched by the Masai women and children. Their daily life consists of working and living conditions that are hard to even imagine here in the USA. The women do most of the work.
Their primary concern is water, or the lack thereof.  Many must walk miles each day with a 5-gallon bucket on their head (weighs about 42 lbs) and a baby on their back and/or small children at their side. They cook, they build the huts, they bare and tend the children, they build fences of thorn branches to keep the lions and other animals out.  They live in tiny huts built of mud, straw, and perhaps some skins. 
Jerry and Dianne standing in a mud hut- home of the Masai - with the Moran Warriors. The Moran wanted them to see the home of his family.
The children are just like children everywhere, I suppose.  Big smiles and great big eyes.  One thing that stood out was their curiosity.  They openly starred at us.  And smiled at us.  And sang to us.  They were so very happy we were there.  This was their first time to see “white people”, and they rubbed our arms trying to “rub off” the white. We took photos of them with our IPhone and showed the pictures to them.  For the very first time in their young lives they saw themselves.  There are no mirrors.  They do have an unlimited supply of “toys” - rocks, sticks, and dirt.  I did not see even one “real” toy during the entire trip. 
That alone broke my heart  
Most of the children are and will grow up uneducated, because there are very few schools, and those are miles away.  There are no buildings, so there are no schools. 
A young Masai girl 
Thank God there is a bright side to all of this! 
Because people like Jay and Mary go where others are unwilling to go, people are hearing about Jesus for the first time and are coming into a personal relationship with Him.  Many came to Christ in each of the villages when the gospel was presented.  Including several Moran Warriors!  Yohanna and the local pastors continue to minister to the people in these villages. They will meet under the trees (weather  permitting) until money is raised to build a small church building. These buildings will bring many more to Jesus.
We were so blessed and are so thankful that Jay and Mary let us accompany them on this trip.
Praise Report!
Standing at the well site --- 300 - 400 Masai are getting clean water from it daily!
 Over three years ago the Lord laid upon our heart to drill a well in a very dry and arid area of the Masai Land. We planted a church in this area several years ago and the people named it "The Rain Church".
The people of this area suffered greatly from the lack of clean drinking water. 
The women walked miles to get a bucket of dirty water and sanitation was non-existent. 
Now the vision the Lord gave us was to build a church and drill a well -- giving the people clean water and creating a "preaching point" to reach them with the Gospel of Christ. We presented this vision to you  - our supporters and many of you gave to help. 
But the devil did everything he could to stop the vision. We had problem after problem. Now when you drill for water anywhere there is no guarantee that you will find it. But God did a miracle and we drilled over 700 feet through volcanic rock and found water- but as they were putting the pump in -- the pipe broke off in the borehole and it was ruined. We had to drill  again -- this time another 800 feet. God did another miracle and we hit water again-- more this time. Then we built a church -- a few months later a tornado blew it down. Then another one was built.
Now what I have figured out over time is that even though the devil is powerful -- God is all powerful.
Through all of this the Masai kept praying -- and the Lord heard their prayer. 
I am so happy to tell you that we visited the well site on this trip and the well is now producing water! Clean water! 300 to 400 people are getting water out of it each day. The church has grown to over 200 people and it is also being used as a school -- 50 children are attending it daily -- children who never went to school before. Villages are moving in closer and closer to the well and many are hearing about Jesus! And we give Him all the glory for what He has done!
The most beautiful and precious thing we have ever held in our hands - a bottle of water from the well.
Thank you so much for making a difference in eternity and remember:
Our Crowns are your Crowns!
Friends— The ministry is expanding into new countries and the cost of travel has dramatically increased over the past year. And as we look forward to 2014 we realize that in order for us to continue making a difference in this world –
We need you help more than ever!
So we ask you to please partner with us financially once again in this upcoming year.
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