Tanzania 2016

Hope of the World Ministry

Dear Brothers and Sisters — we just returned from Tanzaniathe deep bush of Africa
Partnering with us on this trip was our good friend Jordan Savant.
(This was his first trip into the bush– and what a wonderful blessing he was- both to us and the Masai!)

We worked in an area new to us—around the small town of Longido. It is winter this time of year and the rains have not yet come—the area was in a drought, the people and the animals were suffering greatly from lack of water. We drove 2 hours into the bush the first day– the dust was terrible– no way to keep it out of the car. We found a “boma”- village– many children came running out of it when they spotted our car—they were so happy to see us—they had never seen white skin before.  The entire village sat under a tree as we told them of a God they had never heard of before. They bowed down into the dust and cow dung to ask Jesus into their hearts. One woman said: “now we don’t have to go to the Laboni -(witch doctor) - anymore– Jesus will take care of us! From there we traveled through the dust to another boma. Three small children came to the car—they were covered in dust and flies. They were also alone– all the men had gone days into the bush with the cows looking for grass and the women had gone to fetch water– 6 hours walk to the nearest mud hole. The kids looked as though they were literally dying of thirst– we gave them  bottles of water. The Mamas walked up just then with their donkeys– they had found no water. We gave them all we had in the carI have no doubt that Jesus had led us to them…

Over the next days we went village to village sharing the Gospel. We soon discovered that this area was for the most part totally un-reached. We did find a Methodist church—a nice building– within sight of one of the villages we were preaching in. It was literally in the middle of what we would call nowhere. The people of the village said: "The pastor came to us and told us to come to the church. We went several times but all he had us do is sing songs and then leave. We have no idea what it is for - or who this Jesus is. No one teaches us." They said, "Please teach us!" Mary stood up and preached the gospel. Now while she was speaking a very excited man came in, carrying a bible- he sat and listened. After the gospel was preached he bowed with the villagers and gave his life to Christ.     

As they were kneeling down the Holy Spirit fell upon them and they began to weep and cry with joy—even the man who was carrying the Bible! Afterwards we asked about the man. He said the Methodist had hired him as an Evangelist! Imagine that! An Evangelist who had not been saved who waltzes into this boma, hears the gospel, learns the truth, gets born again and filled with the Spirit of God!

Coincidence—I don’ t think so!

On another day, we preached in a village where we found many women –two had eye problems—one a totally blind eye and the other—two eyes that were partially blind. As I shared Jesus, the one with the blind eye said: “I wish I could have a new body but I know it is impossible- there is no hope of it." I told her about a God of hope - who would give her new body in Heaven. She along with the rest knelt down and prayed to receive Jesus.  Then we prayed for her and the Lord - simply because He loved her - opened her blind eye.  At that moment she knew that nothing was impossible to God!  We prayed for the other partially blind woman but nothing happenedWe walked to another near by boma with many people in it. The women from the one we had just been in followed us singing a song they just made up: “We are now going to Heaven the home of hope”.The old woman who had no change in her eyes came up to Jordan and grabbed him excitedly telling him: "now I can see clearly!" -- the Lord had healed her on the way — as she was singing a new song!

As we sat outside another village waiting for people to come out– 14 Moran warriors walked out of the bush carrying their spears and clubs. The Moran are very dangerous– fierce and proud warriors– literally the army and police force combined of the Masai Tribe. As we talked to them one grabbed the walking stick out of Jordan’s hand and demonstrated what they use it for—he swung it at Jordan’s head stopping just short of hitting it. Now I knew they wouldn't stay long - they are  to proud and very rarely will give their time to listen to anything about God - so I immediately pulled out the picture of Christ on the cross and said: “let me tell you the story of the greatest warrior who ever lived” -- they stood and listened—a miracle in itself! And as they heard about the One who died for themtheir pride broke and they dropped their spears and knelt down in the dirt giving their lives to Christ.

On our last day we went to a small church on the side of a hill. A very small group of people gathered under a covering of sticks and tarps to worship. The man leading them knew very little of Jesus-- as did the people - they had heard something of Him from some Catholics in the area.We spent some time sharing the Gospel and I preached on the power of the Holy Ghost - they fell on their knees giving their lives to Christ and then as they cried out to Him they were filled with the Holy Spirit - weeping with tears of joy! They told us: We want to be a real church!  “please let us come under your ministry and please keep teaching us about Jesus!”

In the last village we found many people -- we preached the Gospel and 35 knelt to receive Christ! Then they said: "Yesterday we knew nothing of God- but today we know Him"-- "We want a church here! We want to learn more about Jesus and we want to worship Him every week under this tree!"

By the time we had left—Hundreds heard the Gospel, 193 had been born again, many were healed and 10 villages were forever changed.....

And to Jesus goes all the Glory and Honor!

Praise Report-

Because of the faithful and sacrificial giving of our partners-
A new church building in Asia! And a hundred Bibles given to the Masai in Kenya!

Our Crowns are Your Crowns!