East Africa

East Africa

The indigenous tribes of East Africa still live as they have for thousands of years deep in the bush. Many of them are animistic - worshipping nature - the sun, the moon, rivers and mountains. But by the grace of God – Hope of the World has been able to:

1. Construct 39 churches.

2. Provide motorcycles / bicycles for pastors.

3. Provide 1000's Christmas gifts for orphans and under privileged children.

4. Drill a deep - water well that provides water to thousands of Masai.

5. Distribute hundreds of Bibles.

6. Distribute Proclaimers – audio Bibles – to dozens of remote villages.

7. Give out tons of grain during droughts to starving people.

8. Provide housing for pastors and ongoing support for them.

9. Provide support for orphans and mentally and physically handicapped children.

10. Preach in hundreds of totally un-reached villages in the deep bush reaching thousands of Masai, Samburu, and Pokot tribal people with the Gospel of Christ.

11. Preach in city crusades to thousands and in local churches.

12. Hold Pastor and church leader seminars.

13. Show the "Jesus" film and "The Passion of the Christ" in cities and villages to thousands.

14. Be actively involved in church planting – planting over 65 churches in the deep bush.

15. Pray for the sick and see – by the grace of God - hundreds healed of all kinds of afflictions and diseases.