In many countries in Europe the church is void of truth and power. Jesus is not preached as the only way to Heaven, there is no knowledge of the Holy Spirit, and the people have no idea that they must be "born again" to actually be saved. They are bound in religious traditions and have no true relationship with Christ. But by the Grace of God the Lord is now opening up doors for us into this area of the world. In the areas that we have preached there recently we have been told that we are:

"Preaching a Jesus they have never heard of before!"

And the Lord has given us grace to:

1. Carry the "true" Gospel to many remote villages in Eastern block countries.

2. Hold seminars for pastors and church leaders.

3. Preach in crusades to hundreds.

4. Hold healing crusades -- seeing so many healed of all kinds of afflictions and diseases.

5. Provided support for orphans and abused children.